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Manage entry to store

Manage how many people are entering your store

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Simple Plug and Play Set-Up
Monitor Customer Numbers in-store
Free Up Staff Resources
Tablet / Phone Interface to Monitor in Real-Time
Traffic Light System
Keep Customer Informed
Notify Management


Solutions for Food Retail, Forecourt, Industrial Park Superstores, Small to Medium Size Store and many more

Products to support Covid 19 management

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Cross Refrigeration are offering a simple plug and   

Products to support Covid 19 management
play system that allows you, the Retailer, to determine the number of customers in your store
quickly and easily.
The Cross Entry Management System or CEMS helps the public and the retailer deal with concerns about health and safety. It helps free up staff resources by monitoring the number of people moving in and out of the building and can be viewed in real time on an Android smart-phone App.

CEMS works simply. The display screen and traffic light no􀆟fy the customer when to enter the store with a visual green light. The number in the store is displayed to those queuing. If customer numbers entering the store increases beyond a set limit, this is notified on the App and action can then be taken to address the issue. The CEMS interface is a dedicated, intuitive application and the information displayed can be adjusted to suit your company brand or message.
“Welcome to Your Local Store”,
“Please bear with us, wait time is typically 2 minutes”

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